A Thought Experiment Gone Awry – Private Property

This post could have simply gone on to refute the “Thought Experiment” by Robert Nielsen in the post A

Hidden Inflation: Neilson Milk Products 500ml -> 473ml = 5.4% reduction in volume

 Store Shelf as of April 26, 2014 It started out as an average stop in at

Popular Fallacy: Neutral Money | Ludwig von Mises

Ludwig von Mises in Human Action (free pdf here) pointed out the popular fallacy that is

Yamana Gold – Long Term Weekly Chart Review – Bottom in Sight

            Long term chart for perspective.  This price is almost at

$AUY $YRI.CA Yamana Gold Options Trade

  My contention is that this option is under priced. $306 CAD + ~$10 commission fee

$PLUG Plug Power Inc. 41.5% drop March 11 2014 Chart

  The dramatic drop was cased by the following note made by CitronResearch: Citron Research comments

Calhoun: The Burdens and Benefits of Taxation and Expenditures

Chapter 4 BINARY INTERVENTION: TAXATION As Calhoun brilliantly pointed out (see chapter 2 above), there are two

Oncolytics Biotech $ONCY $ONC.CA – Weekly Chart Technical Analysis

$ONCY is presenting at Cowen Conference on Wednesday @ 8:40 am ET. Live Audio Link for the 8:40

Long Term Gold Price Technical Analysis $GLD $GDX $AUY

Three charts below I hope will build a bull case for gold on a technical analysis

Ukraine Divided Political Linguistics Ethnic Visual Map Infographic

A collection of Infographics demonstrating the Ukrainian Divided,  Kyiv, Kiev and Simferopol, Crimea RSS Feed Widget International Political Divide